12 Years in 2 Minutes 45 Seconds

A lovely video as we end August. Twelve years ago, Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester embarked on the greatest work of his life: becoming a father. Here is his time-lapse documentation of his daughter Lotte from birth to 12 years.

How fast they grow!

And as Dave Andrusko noted in the National Right to Life News Today:

I wonder, what if a woman facing a crisis pregnancy were able to see in her mind’s eye a time lapse edit of her developing child—from whatever stage the baby is at the point when she may be contemplating an abortion until birth.

She would see that it really isn’t all that long and that the baby who is tiny and sort of a stranger now will soon be much larger and someone for whom she would give her life.

Our children — a miracle hidden in the early months, but enfolding from day to day.

Rocklanders Join in Nationwide Day of Protest Against Planned Parenthood

L1220609-eProlife advocates in Rockland County gathered today for a prayer rally outside the Spring Valley Planned Parenthood office on Perlman Drive. The event was sponsored by The Our Lady of Guadalupe Rosarians in solidarity with similar rallies, vigils, and protests being held in over 300 cities around the country today in the wake of the release of shocking undercover videos showing the abortion giant to be involved in the business of selling fetal body parts.

L1220637As reported by LifeNews, the online prolife news site, organizer Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League said, “These videos are exposing the American people to the truth about Planned Parenthood and the truth about abortion. How can you deny the humanity of a tiny person whose body parts are being harvested for medical use? Worse yet, how can you make jokes about it, like the Planned Parenthood doctors do in these videos? It’s time to cease all taxpayer funding of this corrupt organization.”

The program in Rockland began with prayer petitions for the unborn, those considering abortion, and those working for the abortion industry, and for the continued strength and commitment for all in the prolife movement. This was followed by the recitation of the Holy Rosary led by Deacon Rob Pang from St. John’s Church in Piermont and others.

Hundreds of cars passed the prayer site with its many signs bearing prolife messages during the course of the two-hour vigil.

Eileen Peterson, the coordinator of Rockland’s 40 Days for Life campaign, noted that, appropriately, this day — August 22 — was the “Feast of the Queenship of Mary” and also the sixth anniversary of the death of Msgr. John Harrington, former vicar of Rockland and prolife leader, who was arrested several times for peaceably trying to save unborn babies and who was instrumental in closing an abortion clinic that used to exist in the county.

L1220620-eThe vigil concluded with a prayer led by Richard Bruno, of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Rosarians, consecrating to Our Lady all efforts to end abortion and the culture of death fostered by Planned Parenthood.and similar organizations.


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This Is 20 Weeks

Slide1You have to see this! This Is 20 Weeks is a creative, new media campaign, a plan to marshal pro-life America to build momentum for legislation passed in Congress last spring to ban abortions after 20 weeks. It’s non-confrontational and elegant.

To find out more about it how it works and how you can be part of it, click here (and, don’t worry, they’re not asking for money. What they’d like you to share with them is your baby’s 5-month anonymous sonogram to be part of the most beautiful and moving baby album ever). The link to the actual site is here.

Measure to Defund PP Fails in Senate

Senate sealA measure to move forward with legislation to defund Planned Parenthood was shot down in the Senate yesterday, as proponents failed by six votes to achieve the 60 votes necessary to continue.

The vote was 53 (in favor) versus 46 (against), mostly along party lines. Both New York senators, Chuck Schumer, and Kirstin Gillibrand voted against the measure.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who is running for president, was the only senator to miss the vote.

This vote marks the beginning of what will no doubt be a long congressional fight over the government funding of Planned Parenthood, following release of videos showing some of its executives callously discussing the sale of organs of aborted babies. The organization, which is also the nation’s largest abortion provider, receives $528 million annually from the federal government.

Here is a story from The Hill, which describes what took place yesterday.

The Planned Parenthood Videos: One More Reason Why We Pray Outside PP


  • July 21 — Planned Parenthood Video #2. PP official, Mary Gatter,  discusses prices for aborted baby organs in new undercover video and jokes about wanting a Lamborghini.  Click here.
  • July 28 — Video #3. Phlebotomist Holly O’Donnell, former employee of Stem Express, the company that acts as the middleman between Planned Parenthood and the research facilities who want fetal tissue, explains how she learned her new job was not to draw blood, but found  to procure fetal body parts. Click here.
  • July 30 — Video #4. Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains VP & Medical Director Savita Ginde discusses contract details, aborted body parts pricing, and how to not “get caught”  Click here.
  • Aug. 5 — Video #5. Melissa Farrell, Director of Research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, discusses ability to provide “intact” fetal cadavers. Also, she says she has six providers who provide parts from babies older than 16 weeks’ gestation. Click here.
  • Aug. 12 — Video #6. More from Holly O’Donnell, former  employee of Stem Express.  She says PP does not always obtain consent from the mothers before harvesting body parts. The mothers have no idea. Click here.
  • Aug. 19 — Video #7. O’Donnell describes harvesting the brain of a late-term unborn baby whose heart was still beating after the abortion. Click here.
  • Aug. 25 — Video #8. Cate Dyer, CEO of StemExpress, a major buyer of fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood, admits the company gets “a lot” of intact fetuses, and jokes about shipping the severed skull of an aborted baby.” Click here.

I’m sure you know why the 40 Days for Life people ask you to pray for the providers at Planned Parenthood. Yes, it’s because they work for America’s largest abortion provider. And it’s because they are the ones who advance  PP’s campaign to undermine our children’s morality.

But this video will reveal a side of Planned Parenthood you may not be aware of, and how a familiarity with abortion can turn a human being into a monster, blind to the coldness and horror of dismembering the tiny body of an unborn human child.

In this undercover video, you’ll see Planned Parenthood Senior Medical Director Dr. Deborah Nucatola coolly discussing the giant abortion corporation’s side business  of providing aborted baby body parts to buyers from the medical research industry.

The conversation took place at a restaurant over wine and lunch. Actors posing as potential buyers elicited Dr. Nucatola’s comments on the economics of selling fetal tissue and the legality of the business, usually handled by the local PP affiliates since the national headquarters’ own corporate counsel doesn’t want to touch it.

And listen to what she says about altering the abortion procedure to obtain specific organs requested, i.e., moving the fetus to a breech position so the most desirable organs — little hearts and livers — don’t get damaged during the process. It sounds a lot like  partial-birth abortion, doesn’t it?  A crime in this country!

Horrendous. Pray for Nucatola — and all of them at Planned Parenthood.

Full transcript.of the conversation.

July 4, 2015 — God Bless America!

Worshippers at the Mass for Life and America: (from left) Cathy Skae, Margaret Hamilton, Deacon Gene Hamilton, Jeanmarie Grahn, Ginny Gulezian, and Terry Anselmi

Worshippers at the Mass for Life and America: (from left) Cathy Skae, Margaret Hamilton, Deacon Gene Hamilton, Jeanmarie Grahn, Ginny Gulezian, and Terry Anselmi

The annual 4th of July morning of prayer for Life and for America was held at the Marian Shrine (The Salesian National Shrine of Mary, Help of Christians) at Stony Point yesterday. The Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament was followed by Mass at noon. Concelebrants were Fr. Brendan Gormley, of St. Barnabas in the Bronx, and Fr. Nicholas Callahan, formerly of St. Catherine’s in Blauvelt and now studying canon law in Rome.  While serving in Rockland, both priests were  active in the prolife movement here.

Also part of the morning of prayer were Fr. John Palatucci and seminarian John Wilson from St. Paul’s in Congers. Mr. Wilson is slated to be ordained a priest of the Archdiocese of New York next year.

L1220470In his homily, Fr. Brendan noted that the greatest challenge of our spiritual life is to “become who we are” — and that is the Body of Christ. Nobody’s quite there yet, he said, but the way to acheive this goal is to give God permission to take over and lead us — by prayer, fasting, and giving up some of the harmless things that nevertheless distract us from Him.

Likewise, with America, Fr. Brendan continued. It is our great and beloved country, but it’s not perfect either, having moved God aside to allow secularism to substitute for God’s truth.

But in spite of our country’s failings — among which are the 53 million unborn children who have been have been aborted since 1973 — we must remember that God is still in charge and that He will triumph, he said.

Keeping in mind the two great miracles of God’s love for us, his resurrection to new life and the gift of Himself through the Eucharist, and with the help of his faithful mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, we can become the people we were called to be — and the nation we were meant to be, Father Brendan concluded.

This morning of prayer was sponsored by the Rockland County Catholic Coalition and the Helpers of Gods’ Precious Infants. Eileen Peterson was organist and cantor.