In Memoriam — Thomas J. Niblo

November 8, 1920 — September 14, 2010

Tom & Inez Niblo, Past Chairs of Rockland RTL

Tom Niblo, former chairman of the Rockland Right to Life Committee, passed away on Sept. 14, 2010, at the age of 81. Tom was a member of the organization’s board of directors at the time of his death

Although Tom served Right to Life in many capacities for decades, his passion was education and his mission was to spread the word.

When the legalization of abortion steamrolled over the laws and values that upheld the sanctity of human life in the early 1970s, information about the issue – its moral, medical, legal, and sociological ramifications – was not that easily come by.

In those days, Tom found his weapons to confront the assault on the defenseless: prayer (he was a devout Roman Catholic) and the power of knowledge. Continue reading