About Us


Our name tells who we are.

The Right to Life is the foundation of all other rights, and it is the primary concern of this organization.

We believe that the value of a human life cannot be measured by a person’s age, physical or mental gifts or handicaps, race, or economic status.

Rather, we believe that every human being has an intrinsic value endowed by our Creator and that our humanity can be neither diminished nor exalted by any other person, court, or government.

We speak out collectively and individually for those who cannot defend themselves.

The Rockland Right to Life Committee — one of the over 3,000 local affiliates of the National Right to Life Committee — has been active in Rockland County since 1972.

We are nonsectarian and nonpartisan, and we welcome people of all faiths and political parties who subscribe to this philosophy to join us.

Some of our activities have included:

• An annual bus trip to Washington, DC, for the March for Life
• Countywide meetings with prominent pro-life speakers
• Educating ourselves and others on the “life” issues (such as abortion, euthanasia, and healthcare rationing) through meetings and our newsletter and website
• Providing pro-life educational materials to schools and to the public at street fairs
• Providing speakers to schools and community groups
• Annual trip to Albany to lobby our state legislators
• Lobbying our federal representatives at their local offices
• Organizing support for pro-life legislation through petitions, and phone and e-mail campaigns
• Attending county legislature meetings as a group when issues arise
• Supporting and joining the good work of pregnancy support centers, homes for mothers and their babies, groups who pray at the sites of abortion clinics, and all organizations who make our county a place that encourages people to “choose life”

We have no dues. However, we are totally dependent on the donations of our supporters to continue, so if you are able to help us financially, we would appreciate it.

Rockland Right to Life Committee is a 501(c)4 corporation and donations to us are NOT tax deductible.

If you would like to receive our newsletter, join with us as a member, or find out about participating in any of our activities:

  • Or use our mailing address: Rockland Right to Life Committee, PO Box 9348, Bardonia, NY 10954.