Governor of New York

Who’s running: Andrew Cuomo (D, WF, Independent, and Women’s Equality Party) vs. Rob Astorino (R, C, and Stop Common Core)

Where they stand: Gov. Cuomo: Abortion expansion is one of the planks in Gov. Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Act. Nine of the provisions of this act have wide, bipartisan support. But it has failed to pass for two years because of the divisive “10-point.” The “10th point” is designed to strengthen abortion rights language in state law, which will allow abortion through all nine months of pregnancy and permit non-physicians to perform abortions.

Cuomo has staunchly supported this 10th point, and has vowed to get it passed next year by making sure those legislators who oppose it are not re-elected this November.

Rob Astorino has opposed the the 10th-point abortion expansion since the 2013 campaign, when he equated the bill with legalizing “infanticide.”

He said, “My position has been very clear. Look, I personally am against abortion. Abortion is not going anywhere in this state. I will not advance it to the third trimester and up to birth, which is what the governor wants to do. I will never do that.”

Astorino, as Westchester County Executive, has also vetoed a bill that would have created a wider buffer zone around abortion clinics to push back prayer and sidewalk counseling, stating that access to clinics was already well protected by state and federal laws, and there was no need for a local law.