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We welcome your comments and news and would love to share it with the pro-life community of Rockland.

Send us your thoughts on any pro-life issue, your photos or accounts of pro-life events you attended, or links to videos or other good pro-life sites you discovered on the Web and would like to share.

If you are a member of any of the groups listed under our “Other Pro-Life Groups” tab or any of the churches in Rockland, we’ll be glad to publicize any of your upcoming pro-life events.

You can see that this website is built on a blog model, so it is very easy for us to post things.

We can’t promise we can publish everything, but we’ll certainly consider what you send us.

The e-mail address is: RocklandRightToLife@gmail.com

Our mailing address is:  Rockland Right to Life Committee, Box 9348, Bardonia, NY 10954

Donations to further  our work are very much appreciated and can be sent to the address above. We regret that as a 501(c)4 corporation, donations to us are not tax deductible.