New York State Senate


Where it is: Includes all of Rockland County except for Haverstraw and Stony Point; also covers parts of Orange and Westchester Counties.

Who’s running: David Carlucci (D, WF, I) vs. Donna Held (R)

Where they stand:

According to the Planned Parenthood Voter Guide, David Carlucci has score of 100%, indicating “alignment with Planned Parenthood’s public policy positions on a range of reproductive and sexual health issues.”

He was also given a thumbs-up, “good” vote for his support of the Women’s Equality Act, even though the Senate never fully took up a vote on the abortion expansion (10th point.)

He also sponsored the so-called Boss Bill” (S6578A-2013) — legislation that would prevent a religious employer from refusing to provide health insurance that included coverage of birth control and abortifacient drugs because that would be a form of discrimination against women.

We do not have information for Donna Held.



Where it is: Includes the towns of Haverstraw and Stony Point and part of Orange County

Who’s running: William Larkin (R, C, I) vs. Gay Lee (D, WF)

Where they stand:

William Larkin has been endorsed by the New York State Right to Life Political Action Committee.

Gay Lee has been endorsed by the NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) Pro-Choice New York.