U.S. House of Representatives — 17th Congressional District

Where it is: Includes all of Rockland County and part of Westchester

Who’s running: Nita Lowey (Democrat and Working Families) vs. Chris Day (Republican and Conservative)

Where they stand: Nita Lowey, the incumbent, had a 0% prolife voting record during the 113th Congress according to the National Right to Life Political Action Committee.

She voted:

Ms. Lowey was also a co-sponsor of the Women’s Health Proctection Act (HR 3471) which would, if enacted, invalidate nearly all state laws that put limits on abortion.

Chris Day said he would support the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

He also made the following statement: ” . . . my  Christian views make me personally pro-Life.  That said, I think the best way to reduce the overall number of abortions without driving the practice underground is to permit it up until the point of viability – that is, no late term or partial birth abortions, and to increase funding to other services such as single mothers assistance and adoptive services and increasing awareness of these options, so abortion is not viewed as the only option.  By using this method, I believe that current trends that show overall abortions dropping will continue.  I also oppose gender and race selective abortions.”