Jan. 27 — We MARCH Again!


mfl-flyerIt’s time to March for Life!  Our bus will be leaving St. Francis of Assisi Church in West Nyack at 6 am on Friday, Jan. 27. Updated information will continue to appear on this site soon. Please check back.

KellyAnne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager to speak at March for Life Rally. Cardinal Dolan will offer prayer. (1/10)

Basic Trip Information (and how to reserve a seat) (12/28)
Directions to St. Francis (where we leave from) (12/28)
March for Life parade route (12/18)
Why the 27th?? (12/28)

A.1748 — New Abortion Expansion Bill Introduced in NYS Assembly

A new bill to expand abortion in New York (A.1748)  was introduced in the state Assembly and referred to the Health Committee on Jan. 12. Don’t be fooled by its supporters saying  they only want to “update” New York law to make it consistent with Roe v. Wade. This is far worse.

And before we get any further, you should know that Jim Skoufis, the Rockland assembly person representing Stony Point, is a co-sponsor of this bill. 

There’s an excellent, very readable discussion of the implications of A.1748 here (from the New York State Catholic Conference).

In short, it could lead to more third-trimester abortions, encourage late-term abortionists to set up in New York, empower non-doctors to perform abortions, force doctors and nurses stop participate in abortions, eliminate prosecution of criminal charges for violent attacks against unborn children, repeal legal protection for babies who survive abortions, and encourage abortion at all stages.

This bill has been fast-tracked and could be voted on at any time. Use this  link to send a pre-written email opposing this legislation directly to your Assembly representative.  It will only take a minute. Please do it today. We have to speak up!

Here Comes the Latest Attempt to Expand Abortion in New York

Yep, here it is — right on pg. 166 of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s  State of the State 2017 report:  Protect a Woman’s Right to Choose.

At first we were wondering what happened. Unlike Cuomo’s previous State of the State addresses where the governor thundered from the podium about his plans to aggressively expand “abortion rights” in New York, the news was oddly silent on this subject.

Instead the governor, in his regional State of the State address — delivered in several cities instead of just at Albany  — was confining himself to matters that were the proper business of the chief executive in New York: driving economic growth, infrastructure repair, higher education, and protecting citizens from cyberattack, among other things. You can agree with him or not on his signature proposals, but this is the kind of thing we’re paying him to deal with.

Yet, if you look at the written report  — and there’s 374 pages of it — there was the perennial promise to expand abortion in New York, codifying Roe v. Wade in the New York Constitution and thereby legalizing abortion in demand at any stage.

Not surprising, of course. On Jan. 4 Assembly Speaker Carl E. Heastie had already opened the new legislation session with the promise to enshrine Roe v. Wade in New York law this year. (transcript: scroll down toward near the end)

And last year, that’s what the  Assembly tried to do as one of their first orders of business in January. Rockland assembly members Ellen Jaffe, Ken Zebrowski, and Jim Skoufis all voted FOR this measure.  Karl Brabanec did not. Fortunately, the bill never came to a vote in the Senate and the session ended in June without it  becoming law.

But, the push to make abortion-on-demand at all stages of pregnancy a part of New York law will be coming up again in New York soon. We must be ready to oppose it. Stay tuned.

Knights of Columbus Honor Prolife Groups at Christmas


Winners of the Knights of Columbus McCloskey Council 4565 annual “Keep Christ in Christmas” poster contest receive their awards at the Knights’ Christmas Party.

Dec. 5 & 12 — At their annual Christmas parties, the the Knights of Columbus Triune and McCloskey Councils again showed their commitment to protect all human life by presenting generous Christmas gifts to organization who work in behalf of the unborn, mothers and children in need of help, school children, the orphaned, the sick, and the disabled. Parishes that are served by these two councils also received donations.

Local prolife groups who were recipients’ of the Knights’ generosity included the Rockland Right to Life Committee, Birthright of Rockland, the Sisters of Life, and Good Counsel Homes.

L1240497.JPGThe traditional parties featured good fellowship and delicious food as always. The party of the Triune Council #2052, held on Dec. 5 in Toner Hall in St. Margaret’s church, was in memory of Peter Mucciolo, Past Grand Knight, who passed away this year. One of his final wishes to was provide the Christmas party dinner for his fellow Knights. His daughter, Kathy, gave a very moving tribute to her father, and Peter’s photo graced one of the tables, reminding us that he was still with us in spirit.

The McCloskey Council party featured the awarding of prizes for the annual children’s”Keep Christ in Christmas” Poster Contest. The winners were present and proudly stepped up to receive $50 award checks to the applause of all present.

Triune Council #2025 Christmas Party, Dec. 5, 2016
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McCloskey Council #4565 Christmas Party, Dec. 12, 2016 (photos courtesy of Bill IrwinClick on a photo to enlarge it, and then scroll through the slide show)

Hope — A Message for the Feast of the Holy Family

By Sean Patrick Miller, guest blogger and author of Full of Life.

Flight_to_Egypt_012.jpgHope Comes Disguised

The coming of Our Divine Savior is shrouded in disguises even though He is right before our very eyes.

Perhaps the Jewish people were expecting their savior to deliver them from slavery in a very dramatic and awe-inspiring manner. Yet, the Lord quietly decided to come to His people in an unassuming and obscure way. A tiny infant in the piercing cold winter night quietly and almost secretly entered the world without any fanfare … almost completely unnoticed. The Lord revealed Himself first to the humble as He came to the shepherds, the God-fearing Holy Kings, and, of course, Joseph and Mother Mary.

From the very beginning, trials accompanied the Holy Family and yet they did not get perturbed. Instead, with even greater attention they sought out and listened for God’s direction. The Almighty protected them from the danger that surrounded them. Continue reading

Jeanmarie Grahn Honored by Good Counsel Homes


At the annual Concert for Life, Jeanmarie Grahn thanks Chris Bell of Good Counsel Homes for the organization’s recognition of her lifetime prolife work.

Dec. 3 — Jeanmarie Grahn, co-founder of the Rockland Right to Life Committee, was honored for her lifelong prolife work by Good Counsel Homes at their annual benefit Concert for Life on Dec. 3 at the Marian Shrine in West Haverstraw.

The award was presented by Chris Bell, president and executive director of Good Counsel Homes, which provides residential care and support for homeless expectant mothers and their children in the context of Catholic social tradition. There are six Good Counsel Homes, one of which is in Spring Valley, N.Y.

L1240312 ed.jpg

Master of Ceremonies, Steve Possell welcomes the audience to the concert.

The program of Christmas and other music was hosted by Steve Possell, of the WRCR radio talk show, “The Morning Show with Steve and Jordan.” The performers were the Children of Mary Preschool Choir, Dick Eggers, Toni Lynn Moore, No Boundaries, Ted Simone, the Mueller Family Schola, and Monica Peterson St. John. Eileen Peterson was the producer and accompanist for some of the singers.

The audience, many of whom were longtime friends of Jeanmarie who have worked with her on many charitable activities, joined the Grahn family for a reception in Lomagno Hall, adjacent to the shrine church, after the concert.

Jeanmarie Grahn was born in Nyack in 1936 to Catherine and Eugene Fenton, the third of 10 children. Following her marriage in 1960, she and her husband, Roger, settled in New City, where she continues to live today. Through the years, seven children, 18 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren have been welcomed there.

L1240311 ed.jpg

Singers from the Children of Mary Preschool open the show with a song.

Always a busy lady, Jeanmarie has worked for Nyack Hospital, Orange & Rockland, the federal government, and local school districts. She still works part time at the New City Methodist Church, where she enjoys the ecumenical fellowship.

Jeanmarie has been a parishioner of St. Augustine Church in New City for 56 years, having served in the past as a lector, eucharistic minister, CCD teacher, and school volunteer. At present, she is a greeter, Hospitality Team member, and funeral liturgy consultant.

However, her greatest commitment, since the early 1970s, has been to fight for the protection of the unborn, the handicapped, and the aged. Under the guidance of Rev. Ed Netter of St. Anthony’s, and together with Margaret Fitton, she co-founded the Rockland Right to Life Committee and continues on its board today.


Family and friends came from far and wide — these are three former grammar school classmates  — to be with Jeanmarie on her special day.

Rockland Right to Life had its beginning at the ‘Women’s Walk For Life’ in 1971 when 2,500 women walked north from Albertus Magnus High School to Main Street in New City, where, greeted by pealing church bells, they marched to the county courthouse to show their concern and support for the Sanctity of Life. At that time, being part of a “street demonstration” was totally out of most women’s comfort zone. However, they came and a bond was created, and the work was begun.

Public attention and support for life issues were also stimulated by frequent talk show appearances of RTL speakers on the popular local radio station WRKL, as well as at schools and gatherings.

The Knights of Columbus became huge supporters of Sanctity of Life issues and, with their assistance, as many as eight buses traveled from Rockland to Washington, DC, in those early years, for the annual March for Life.

L1240357 ed.jpg

The Mueller Family Schola entertains with sacred polyphony.

Right To Life activities have continued for over four decades with prayer, many educational and civic programs, a newsletter, and now, a website. Its members have gone on to found or play leading roles in other prolife groups like Birthright, the Rachel Ministry, and Good Counsel, and that is a matter of great pride to Jeanmarie.

As an Archdiocesan Lady of Charity, Jeanmarie also reaches out to the homeless, sick, and homebound. The core sanctity of all life is what inspires her efforts. She is sustained by the words spoken to her in 1975 by Mother Teresa: “At the end of life, Jesus will ask, ‘What did you do for my children?’”

Rockland Right to Life is very proud of Jeanmarie, who has served as president, secretary, board member, and for 40  years has been a powerful voice for the unborn, a tireless educator to the schools and community, and the driving force behind so many of our efforts. She has led us by her wisdom, perseverance, grace and good humor, sustained by her love for all of us and her unbounded faith in God. May God bless you always, Jeanmarie.

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March for Life Bus Trip — What You Need to Know

WHEN:  Friday, January 27   WHERE: Washington, D.C.

PROGRAM: 11:45 AM  Rally at the National Mall  near the Washington Monument;  1 PM March for Life, up Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court. (see route)

BUS DEPARTURE:  From St. Francis of Assisi Church in West Nyack, 10994 (see map) at 6 AM. Please park in the front of the lot, away from the church.

BUS RETURN:  The bus will leave D.C. at 6 PM, and we should be home by 11 PM.

COST:  $30 for adults; $15 for students

RESERVATIONS:  Call 845-735-4379,  845-492-6709, or 845-425-1322 (para espanol)