Vigil for Life:  Prayer for America

Pleasen join us at the Marian Shrine July 4th, 2022 ~ Mass @ 12 noon

Salesians of Don Bosco
174 Filors Lane, Stony Point, NY 10980

Monday, July 4, 2022, 10:00 AM

Location: Shrine MHC Chapel

Vigil for Life:  Prayer for America
10:00 A.M. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
11:15 A.M. Rosary
12:00 P.M. Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; Bishop Peter Byrne

For further information please call 845-429-2077. Sponsored by the Rockland County Catholic Coalition

Tomorrow: “Life Beyond Roe” movement-wide webcast

ImageThis is the moment we’ve all prayed and worked for: Roe v. Wade has been overturned. Now, in an unprecedented show of unity and collaboration, 30+ top pro-life leaders and organizations are joining together for a movement-wide online event following the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision, to chart a new path forward in our post-Roe America. YOU — and every other pro-life American — are invited to join this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here are the event details…What: “Life Beyond Roe” movement-wide webcastDate: This Wednesday, June 29Time: 8–10 PM Eastern (5–7 PM Pacific)Register to attend: https://lifebeyondroe.comRegister for FreeBy attending this historic event, you’ll discover…The Dobbs Decision: Legal experts and scholars will unpack the decision in layman’s terms, helping you to understand what the decision is, what it means, and what’s changingPost-Roe America: Leaders of national groups will address how they’ve prepared for this new landscape, what changes they’re making, and how we can all accelerate life-saving effortsOur Next Steps: By the end of this one-time-only online event, you’ll know exactly how you can change more hearts, save more lives, and build a culture of love and life where you liveRegister for FreeIMPORTANT: Planned Parenthood, the rest of the abortion industry, and their political allies are outraged by the overturning of Roe v. Wade. It’s crucial that pro-life people show up on this webcast in record numbers to send a strong, public message: we’re bringing America back to life. I hope to see you on the webcast!For Life, ImageJeanne F. Mancini
President, March for Life Action

Roe v. Wade is officially overturned!

Dear Maryanne,Nearly 50 years ago, the March for Life was founded after the abhorrent Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade. Since then we have fought tirelessly for the unborn and thanks in no small part to all of you who have marched over the years, that day has finally come!! Let that sink in.

Roe v. Wade is overturned!

Today, the United States Supreme Court handed down one of its most life-honoring decisions in decades, simultaneously correcting one of the darkest eras in our nation’s history. In 1973, the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade struck down state laws that protected life based on the flawed reasoning that any law restricting access to abortion prior to an unborn child’s “viability” was unconstitutional. Because of this decision, abortion on-demand, right up until birth became the law of the our country.

This is all changing now.
Learn About a Post-Roe America
 The Supreme Court’s decision today in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization returns the ability to protect the unborn to the people through their elected officials at the state and federal level. This decision gives Americans the ability to protect unborn babies while supporting mothers and families, too.

Today we give thanks for this momentous decision and for your part in making history!

Now, we move into a new season to protect life.

The fight is not over, and state and federal officials now tasked with enacting pro-life policies will need more support than ever before. We’ve already seen the pro-abortion lobby aggressively pursuing radical pro-abortion agendas on the state, local, and federal levels in anticipation of a post-Roe era. But our spirits are uplifted and inspired by the Dobbs victory, and we are more enthusiastic than ever to keep up the fight.

In light of this seismic shift in federal policy, we’ve put together a website specifically designed to chart a path forward and unpack what this all means for the pro-life movement. Click the button below to learn more. 
Learn About a Post-Roe America
On this momentous and historic day, I thank you for continued prayers, support, and heart for the pro-life movement. You know that there is dignity and value in every human life from conception to natural death, and your powerful and peaceful witness at the March for Life was undeniably essential in making today possible.

Please join me in celebration and in continuing our mission to empower women and protect the unborn! 
For Life,

Jeanne F. Mancini
March for Life

2022 Primary Election

Voter Guides Are Available

2022 Primary ElectionVoter Guides Are AvailableAre you enrolled in a political party?If so, please mark your calendar to vote on primary day on Tuesday, June 28, 2022.On June 28, primary elections will be held for most state and federal offices in New York. Specifically, primaries will be held for statewide offices, for New York State Assembly, and for various judgeships and local offices. For details on the primaries in your county, please visit the website of your county board of elections. To find your polling site or check your registration status, please click here. Early voting is available from June 18 to June 26.To help equip New Yorkers to cast informed votes in the upcoming primaries, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms’ educational arm, New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation (NYFRF), has created nonpartisan voter guides for the Democratic and Republican primaries for governor of New York, and for the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor of New York.As always, our voter guides provide information on the candidates’ positions on a broad range of issues. This year’s guides include information on abortion, bail reform, socialized medicine, and other key questions.If your party is holding primaries on June 28, please vote—and please be an informed voter.View 2022 Primary Voter Guides:Democratic Candidates for GovernorDemocratic Candidates for Lt. GovernorRepublican Candidates for GovernorRead More
Juneteenth showcases America at its bestJuneteenth is not a celebration of American perfection, because nations are never perfect. But it is a right and good celebration of our ongoing commitment to strive toward perfection, by admitting our sins and seeking to overcome them.Read more
Tenney Calls For Investigation Into Pro-Abortion ViolenceIn a recent letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, 124 members of Congress called upon the federal government to treat the recent outbreak of pro-abortion violence against pro-life organizations as domestic terrorism.Read more
Republicans Candidates For Governor Meet In DebateOn June 13, 2022, the Republican candidates for governor of New York held a debate in New York City. All four candidates were in attendance.Read more
Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old BossBack in 2014, the governor of New York said that pro-lifers had no place in the Empire State. Now, in 2022, the governor of New York has described us as primitive barbarians. Perhaps Gov. Hochul isn’t so different from Gov. Cuomo after all.Read more

Congratulations to our March for Life President!

Every year the Washingtonian releases its list of Washington DC’s Top 500 Most Influential People across a variety of sectors, including public policy, law, and finance, among others. This year, I am thrilled to announce that our very own, March for Life president, Jeanne Mancini, is featured on this list of esteemed government, private sector, and nonprofit leaders. 

Please join me in congratulating Jeanne! 
Over the last decade, the March for Life Education and Defense Fund and March for Life Action have soared to incredible new heights with Jeanne at the helm. The March for Life began nearly 50 years ago after the United States Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade that there is a constitutional right to abortion. What started as a small, annual gathering of pro-life leaders marching on the nation’s capital has grown exponentially. 

In fact, the national March for Life, held in January each year, is the largest annual human rights demonstration in the world. We’ve also significantly expanded our impact on the state and local level with a growing number of state marches in capitals across the country.  

Though we remain a small but mighty team, the ways in which we have grown are innumerable and unquestionably due to Jeanne’s wise and hopeful stewardship over the last decade. 

We are overjoyed that she is being recognized for her astounding impact not just on the March, but on the pro-life movement at large.  

Regardless of whether the Supreme Court decides to overturn Roe v. Wade this month, we have big plans for the near and distant future. In a matter of months, we will mark the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and by the grace of God we will continue to expand our State March program. Our vision is to someday soon have state marches in all fifty states. You can learn more about our State March program here.

These ambitious goals do not, however, come without significant costs. That is why I humbly request that you consider giving to the March for Life today. With momentum on our side and abundant enthusiasm, we would be delighted to partner with you in building a culture of life, so that someday abortion will not be merely illegal, but unthinkable.  
Congratulations, Jeanne! 

For Life,
Alison M. Cheperdak
Vice President & Executive Director
March for Life

With Our Thanks!

The Rockland RTL Rock-A-By-Baby Raffle was a HUGE Success! Thanks to all those who responded to this fund raiser event & participated.

We had winner #1 from Congers … winner #2 was from Stony Point … & winner #3 was from Blauvelt. Congratulations to each of them.

As always, we ask for your continued prayers for all those whose lives we strive to protect and for the members of our Committee who continue in their volunteer efforts to provide factual information about the various topics pertaining to all life.

God Bless You for your prayers & continued support!

National RTL News

Harvard/Harris poll offers very encouraging results on abortion questions

Dave Andrusko

By Dave Andrusko

No one would ever suspect that abortion polls conducted by Harvard/Harris would be tilted in a pro-life direction. That’s why the results of the latest poll, conducted May 18-19, are a real shocker.

#1. “Plurality of Voters Say abortion should only be permitted in cases of rape or incest.” 43% to be exact. 

Another 27% would allow abortion up until 15 weeks. The case the Supreme Court heard December 1 dealt with Mississippi’s law that banned abortions after the 15th week.

#2. “Do you think that a fetus is viable at...?” A whopping 39% said the child is viable at 6 weeks, paralleling the Heartbeat Law in Texas. An additional 13% said viability begins at 12 weeks. Another 17% said viability begins at 16 weeks.

#3. “In Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court held that women had the right to have an abortion until the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. Do you think the Supreme Court should…?”

35% responded “Repeal Roe v. Wade, entirely leaving abortion laws to the states.”

38% said “Affirm Roe v. Wade as it is.” Of course, as presented, respondents would not know that the only thing preventing abortions from being done up until birth is finding an abortionist with a strong enough stomach. Another 19% said “Make the date to have abortion 15 weeks instead of 24,” a limitation which Roe does not allow.

It really gets interesting now. “If the court rolled back Roe v. Wade entirely leaving all abortion laws to the states would you favor or oppose that change?” Almost exactly even: 49% would favor this reversal, 51% would oppose.

They compare these results to the results of a November 2021. 46% would favor rolling back Roe, 54% opposed—a net gain of 3%.

How much had people heard about Justice Alito’s leaked draft opinion?  “Have you heard or not heard about a recent Supreme Court draft opinion that was publicly leaked which showed the court overturning federal abortion rights granted by Roe vs. Wade and allowing states to decide abortion rights on their own?”

Almost exactly three-quarters (76%) had heard.

And then the politics of the leaked opinion: “Are you more likely to vote Democrat or Republican because of this leak, or will it not make a difference?” 34% said Republican, 32% said Democrat, and 34% said it would make no difference.

Fascinating. The public is much closer to the pro-life opinion than the media would have you believe.