New York State RTL has a new tool to help you find pro-life candidates 

Announcing a powerful new tool that gives you the names (and districts) of endorsed pro-life candidates in your area!
Simply go to and type in your address (that’s short for New York State Right to Life PAC).  The page that pops up will tell you who, if anyone, is endorsed by New York State Right to Life in your district – both for state and federal races. 
Please check the races in your area, and share this great new tool by forwarding this email to your pro-life friends!
Thanks for being a Lifesaver!
Anne LeBlanc
Chair, New York State Right to Life


2023 March theme announced…………

The January 20, 2023 National March for Life theme has been announced!

On January 20, 2023, rather than marching to the steps of the Supreme Court, where we have for decades asked our highest Court’s Justices to undo the destructive decision that was Roe v. Wade, we will now march to a new front in our battle for life, the steps of the United States Capitol. 

We must: 

  • tirelessly build a culture of life on Capitol Hill, and advocate for the advancement of federal pro-life policies. 
  • march in our state capitols, urging our state legislators to pass life-saving protections for the unborn.
  • continue to increase the safety net for moms and babies, especially by supporting pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes in our communities that provide love, compassion, and resources to women, children, and families.