40 Days for Life: Week 3 — ‘Called to Solidarity’

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“Every human being is called to solidarity in a world battle between life and death.”
Ignacio Ellacuria, Jesuit martyr in El Salvador

Doesn’t look like much of a battlefield does it? A bit of muddy ground on the side of the road next to a suburban strip mall. And these folks who come here – they look more like your friends and neighbors than any army in a “battle between life and death.”

And yet, that is what goes on here – every day. They come with their prayers and their love. And in this commonplace setting, these ordinary people quietly join ranks with all those around the world in prayer that hearts willl be changed, abortion will end, and lives will be saved.

If this is important to you, please come.  The power of a single prayer cannot be underestimated.

40 Days of Life for the end to abortion and closing of Planned Parenthood
Perlman Drive, Spring Valley
9 am to 5 pm thru Sunday, April 1
PLEASE TAKE ONE HOUR A WEEK — email Rachelminister@aol.com or call 845-492-6709

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