View the JN Debate: The Right to Protest Abortion — and the ‘Clinic Access Bill’

On April 18, the Journal News hosted a debate regarding the “Clinic Access Bill” — a bill currently under consideration in Westchester — which seeks to suppress the right to protest at abortion clinics. Click here to view the video of this discussion.

The pro-life free speech advocates were Tom Faranda and Judy Anderson, the co-directors of the Hudson Valley Coalition for Life, and Antoinette Consentino, MD, a pediatrician.

Speaking of free speech, according to the website LifeNet, it looks like the time allotments at this debate were a little lopsided:

  • The anti-free speech, pro-abortion side got 26 minutes, including the first nine minutes 26 seconds.
  • The free speech advocate, pro-life side 18 minutes.