New York State RTL Salutes Astorino, Clinic Access Bill Opponents

“The NYSRTL Committee is delighted that County Executive Rob Astorino has courageously done his job not just as the county executive but as an American showing respect for the Constitution. People have not fought and died for a First Amendment that  protects only universally wanted speech.

 The idea that public property outside of an abortion facility should be a free-speech-free zone because some people don’t like that it impacts the very lucrative abortion industry is an idea that does not belong in a truly free country. The pro-abortion movement knows that when presented with the truth, most women choose life and that is bad for business.  Bravo Rob Astorino!  Great job Alan [Mehldau, Chair of Westchester-Putnam Right to Life] and the Westchester Right to Life team!”  

— Lori Kehoe, Chairperson, NYS Right to Life

Pro-abortion lobby goes BERSERK after Astorino’s veto of anti-free speech clinic bill — from LifeNet

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