40 DAYS FOR LIFE: Week 5 — Hurricane Sandy

The winds and waters of Hurricane Sandy bore down on Rockland County this week bringing death and injury, widespread physical destruction, and the disruption of everyday life we tend to take for granted.

Against such a force, what can you do? You try your best to keep going, to do the job that’s been given to you. Here’s what the 40 Days for Life volunteers did.

Through the storm, they prayed – not only for the unborn – but for all who were in danger, for the first responders, for their neighbors, for those who had lost their homes, for all who were suffering in so many ways.

They prayed at their homes, at the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel at St. Gregory’s and even at Perlman Drive on Monday,  in their parked cars or even out in the wind and rain at the vigil site itself.

That’s what prayer is for such times. Lifting up to God all who are frightened or hurting or broken and placing them in His hands.

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The prayers and thoughts of the 40 Days for Life volunteers and the Rockland
Right to Life Committee are with all Rocklanders as we recover from the storm.

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