The Rockland Right to Life Committee — 40 Years of Leadership for Life

rose 2On this 40th anniversary, among the many thousands of Rockland County residents who have fought for life over the years, we’d like to remember those who served in leadership positions in our organization, The Rockland Right to Life Committee. The people below were officers, board members, key committee heads, or contributed in some special way to our mission. We thank them – and everyone whose sacrifices have kept the Right to Life movement alive throughout these 40 years.

Terry Anselmi    Cathy Baker    Jane Barry    Tina & Paul Bell    Mary Bentley    Peg Beirne    Betty Braun    Richard Bruno    Richard Byman    Geraldine Caifa    Catholic Daughters of America     Richard Caunitz    Gene Commerford    Ronald Cortazzo    Ann Costello    Peggy Coughlin    Betty Cunningham    Jack Donaldson    Tom Duff    Viola Duffy    Bob Ellsworth    Terry Gartner Escobar    Janet Botto Fenton        John Ferrao    Sr. Christine Ferrar O.P.    John Paul Fitton    Margaret Fitton    Peter Fitton    Lynn Gannon    Charles Gargiulo     Kathy Gartner    Mary Gartner    Eileen Gesner    Ginny Gulezian    Jeanmarie Grahn    Rev. Brendan Gormley    Ed Green    Assmblymn. Harold Grune    Msgr. John Harrington    Regina Fitton Hendrickson    Sally Holland    Marion Hoke    Kathy McSweeny Hornberger    George & Dorothy Kelly    Jo Kelly    Kathy Kelly        Joyce Kineke    Knights of Columbus    Nick La Bruno    Mary Loftus    Bob & Ann Loughman    Brendan & Betty Lynch    Julia Magnone    Jim Maloney    Bill Martin    Margaret McCabe    Marion McPhillips    Don Mellon    Kathy Melville    Marianne Modafferi    Sen. Tom Morahan    Dave Moynihan    Io Mura    Clarke Najac    Margie Najac    Rev. Ed Netter    Jim Niblo    Michael Niblo    Tom & Inez Niblo    Frank Orlando    Pat O’Brian    Liz O’Brien    Ann O’Connor    Mary Parisi    Peter & Mary-Anne Partridge    Eileen Peterson    Nancy & Joe Reeves    Sr. Helen Regina O.P.    Eileen Reninger    Jean Romano    Dorothy Roth   Rev. Frank Samoylo    Eileen Shine    Kathy Skae    Ellen Skelly    The Spear Family    Anna Stellwag    Ann Upton    Michael & Mary Walker    Bonnie Walsh    Msgr. Edward Weber    Leslie Weber    Margaret Whalen    Kenneth Zemsky