Lobbying Carlucci and Zebrowski for Life

Almeda and Judy

A delegation from Rockland Right to Life — Almeda Silva from Sparkill (left), Judy Murray from New City (right) along with Liz O’Brien from Upper Nyack — lobbied with legislative aides of Sen. Carlucci and Assm. Zebrowski about Gov. Cuomo’s proposed abortion expansion legislation during Lobby for Life Day.

Albany, April 29  At Lobby for Life Day, a delegation from the Rockland Right to Life Committee met with staff members of two of our legislators representing Rockland in Albany: Assm. Ken Zebrowski (D-96 AD) and Sen. David Carlucci (D-38 SD).

The topic of discussion was the abortion component of Gov. Cuomo’s “Women’s Equality Agenda.”

While neither the form or the specific language of  Cuomo’s abortion bill has yet been released, the governor leaves little doubt as to his goal of expanding abortion in NY (just watch this 24 second video from his State of the State speech last February).

Aides of Sen. Carlucci and Assm. Zebrowski listened to our concerns but  declined to express any opinion about a yet-to-be-written bill.

However, according to Nick Reisman of Capitol Tonight, “Cuomo’s push to enhance abortion rights is running into the wall of the Senate Republican conference, whose leader Dean Skelos in multiple interviews this week insisted he will not allow a floor vote on the yet-to-be written bill.

“The measure, regardless of how it is written, will likely need GOP votes, considering that Democratic Sens. Tim Kennedy and Ruben Diaz are opposed to abortion.”

That said, we are hardly out of the woods yet, and this legislation still has the potential to be our worst nightmare come true. If this legislation does make it to the floor of the state Senate, it will probably be in June.

We have to keep up the pressure from all sides. The prolife legislators, in the Senate and especially in the Assembly, need  to know that we’re behind them. Those who are pro-abortion need to know where we stand — and how many of us there are. 

What can you do? Do some Lobbying for Life yourself from home this week:

1.  Thank Dean Skelos for his strong public statements against the bill. Some 3,000 did within two days!  You can contact him here.

2.  If you haven’t yet, tell your representatives where you stand on “Reproductive Health Act/abortion expanding” legislation and ask them where they stand. If you’ve already told them, tell them again:

Senator David Carlucci (38 SD)
District office  — 845-624-0424
Albany office  — 518-455-2991

Senator William Larkin (39 SD)
District office — 845 – 567-1270
Albany office — 518 – 455-2770

Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski (96 AD)
District office — 845-634-9791
Albany office — 518-455-5735

Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffe (97 AD)
District office — 845-624-4601
Albany office — 518-455-5118

Assemblywoman Annie Rabbitt (98 AD)
District office — 845-544-7551
Albany office — 518-455-5991

Assemblyman James Skoufis (99 AD)
District office — 845 – 469 – 6929
Albany office — 518-455-5441