Celebrate Life on St. Patrick’s Day (March 23)

Liz O'Brien of Rockland Right to Life Committee and Fr. Jim McKenna of the Marian Shrine lead the "Respect Life" group in the St. Patrick's Day Parade 2011.

Liz O’Brien of Rockland Right to Life Committee and Fr. Jim McKenna of the Marian Shrine lead the “Respect Life” group in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2012.

March 23 is the date of the Pearl River St. Patrick’s Day parade. And again all  prolifers have been invited by the Rockland County Ancient Order of Hibernians to march. We walk together under the “Respect Life” banner.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the contributions of the Irish people through their rich culture and music, their indomitable courage and spirit, and their legendary warmth and humor.

But as they say, you don’t have to be Irish . . . So please come, and bring your family and wear some green. It’s fun, it’s celebratory. We carry Choose Life and other signs appropriate to the spirit of the day. Everyone will get a genuine March for Life “famous green scarf” (we have plenty left over).

If you were disappointed about the snow cancellation of the buses for the trip to Washington, here’s your chance to March for Life and show your prolife spirit and commitment. We get a great response from the crowd.

Below are some links to photos from St. Patrick’s Day parades past.

Watch this site for more specific information about where to assemble on the day. The staging ground is the Pfizer parking lot on Middletown Rd. in Pearl River. The parade kicks off at 1:30 p.m. The parade route leaves the parking lot, turns south down Middletown to Central Avenue, and proceeds down the hill to the train station.

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