NYS Senate Health Committee Rejects RHA

RHA-smallToday — by a 9 to 8 vote — the NYS Senate Health Committee rejected the Reproductive Health Act, a bill to expand abortion in New York. That means this dangerous legislation has been stopped in committee and will not move on to the full Senate for a vote.

We would like to thank Sen. William Larkin, who represents North Rockland, Chairman Kemp Hannon, and the other members of the Health Committee who voted No. And thank you, too, everyone who made a call, sent an email, or helped in the last-minute effort to defeat this bill.

Keep in mind though, that while we have won a battle, the war is still ongoing. The RHA has been killed in committee — but, unfortunately, we haven’t seen the end of the threat.

Abortion supporters have built the same provisions of the RHA  into the abortion plank in the NYS “Women’s Equality Act” (WEA) that we fought so hard to defeat last year.

This year, the  WEA  already  passed  the NYS Assembly in January with assembly persons Jaffe, Zebrowski, and Skoufis voting for it and giving Rockland a complete pro-abortion sweep.

Sometime in the next two months, the WEA will come to the Senate for a vote, and if it passes there (it was defeated by only one vote last year) its deadly abortion provisions will become the law in our state.

So please keep up to date. Let your state senators know you oppose the abortion plank of the WEA — Sen. Larkin in Haverstraw, Stony Point and Pomona (39th District), and Sen. Carlucci for the rest of the county (38th District). Watch this site for more information.

Here’s a more in depth analysis of the RHA vote from the New York Families Foundation.