Senate Passes More Women’s Rights Bills — But No Abortion

Today the NYS Senate completed action on all the bills in its Women’s Equality Agenda.  The Senate version is comprised of 9 separate bills – -and it does not include the abortion expansion measure (the controversial “10th point”).

Passed today were bills to  stop sexual harassment at work, remove barriers to remedying discrimination, and allowing for electronic filing of orders of protection.

All bills have been sent to the Assembly.  So far, the Assembly — under pressure from abortion supporters and unwilling to separate the other issues from the abortion plank — has refused to take up the bills separately. Thursday is the last day of the legislative session, and if the Assembly does not act on the Senate bills at that time, none of them will become law.

Today, five members from the the Concerned Clergy for Choice called on the legislature to pass of the full 10-point WEA with the controversial abortion expansion measusre.

But an editorial in the today’s Daily News calls the abortion plank of the WEA for what it is:  From its genesis — above all, by forcing an abortion litmus test on legislators — the Women’s Equality Act was a nakedly political creation.