NY Abortion Expansion Blocked!

The attempt to expand abortion — the “10th-point” of the Women’s Equality Act (WEA) — was again blocked this year in the New York state legislature.

Thank you everyone who made phone calls, wrote letters, sent postcards, talked up the issue, and organized your friends to become involved. We held off the attempts of pro-abortion advocates to ram this bill through the state legislature once again.

And a special thanks to Sen. Co-Majority Leader Dean Skelos, N. Rockland Senator William Larkin, and all the representatives in the Senate and Assembly who courageously stood up for Life.

Here’s how it happened.

In a replay of last year’s vote on the WEA, the Assembly (in January) passed the full WEA which included the abortion expansion measure. (Rockland representatives Ellen Jaffe, Ken Zebrowski and Jim Skoufis all voted in favor.)

However, the Senate did not take a vote on the abortion plank but did pass the rest of the WEA measures last week.

In view of the Senate’s action, several members of the Assembly pressed the body to take a re-vote on what they passed in January — voting on their 10 issues separately this time, so at least the 9 passed by the Senate could become law.

But the Assembly held to their “all or nothing” approach — insisting that the abortion plank was an integral part of the package. As a result, the entire WEA went down to defeat.  Unfortunately, the anti-human-trafficking bill and the other  8 bills protecting women’s rights did not become law.

The “boss bill” was not brought up for vote in the Senate and so did not become law even though it was passed earlier by the Assembly, again with Jaffe, Zebrowski, and Skoufis voting for it.

Supporters of abortion expansion say they will make the defeat of the WEA a major issue in the fall election, targeting prolife senators.