Dr. Jack Wilke, Rest in Peace

imagesJack Wilke, MD, the father of the modern prolife movement, passed away on Feb. 20 at the age of 89.

One of the first to speak out about the threat of legalized abortion in the late ’60s, he dedicated his  life to defending the unborn.

Many of us became active in the prolife movement through the work of Dr. Wilke. His landmark Handbook of Abortion was the text book where we learned about the issue and how to argue against it.

And his slides — long before there was an Internet — showed the world the beauty of life before birth — as well as the horror of abortion that ended it.

Do you recall the photo of the nurse’s wedding ring around the thin, tiny arm of little Marcus Richardson, who was born prematurely at 20 weeks? Or the iconic photo of the little feet at 10 weeks?

Those were the photos Dr. Wilke showed us — the photos that made us prolife.

Thank you,  Dr. Wilke. May you rest in God’s peace.

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