Assisted Suicide Bill Re-Introduced in NY Senate

The bill to legalize physician-assisted suicide in New York is back.

We breathed a sigh of relief when its sponsor withdrew it a month ago, but now — here it is again, with a new sponsor, Republican Senator John Bonacic, who is from the Middletown area. And its supporters are planning to slip it through in the flurry of legislation that gets taken up in the last days of the session.

They actually have three days to accomplish this. The session ends June 17.

Hastened death is an unnecessary act of harm fraught with dangers. Please check out this message from  New York State Right to Life about how this bill targets people at their most vulnerable time.

Right now, the Senate is adjourned and will reconvene on Monday, June 15. Please call today or Monday or send an email message over the weekend to your state senator and ask him to stand firm against this bill which asks our doctors to kill. Vote NO on bill S-5814.

Senator Bill Larkin (Haverstraw & Stony Point)
Phone: (518) 455-2770
Or click here to send email

Senator David Carlucci (rest of Rockland)
Phone: 518-455-2991
Or click here to send email