Session Over: No Physician-Assisted Suicide for NY in 2015

From New York State Right to Life:


Although the New York State legislative session came to a close without a vote on assisted suicide legislation, the threat is far from over. When a bill does not come up for a vote it is not by luck: concerned citizens communicating with legislators, grassroots mobilization, and lobbying are essential.

NYS Right to Life worked actively to oppose this legislation: we ran radio ads in key districts, our Lobby for Life Day featured a speaker addressing the dangers of assisted suicide, we alerted grassroots supporters far and wide, and hired extra staff to be at the Capitol during the crucial final weeks of the legislative session.

Thank you for responding to our alerts and contacting your representatives. Your calls, emails, letters, and sounding the alarm via social media made a difference. The vulnerable whose lives are at stake cannot afford for us to be silent: thank you for standing up and making your voice heard!