A St. Patrick’s Day Surprise!

L1230354What could be a better time to celebrate life than St. Patrick’s Day!

It didn’t seem that way at first.

As the marchers assembled for the annual Rockland Ancient Order of Hibernians St. Patrick’s Day in Pearl River last Sunday, it was grey, bleak and raw, with the odd snowflake, and predictions of a storm on the way.

Ah, but keep the faith!

No sooner had the ‘Respect Life’ group left the Pfizer parking lot and marched up the hill to Middletown Road than the skies cleared, the sun came out, and the parade continued in glorious, golden, first-day-of-spring weather! St. Patrick was looking out for us all!

The crowd was a little sparse at the very beginning of the parade, but by the time we got to downtown Pearl River, the celebrants were out in full force.  And our ‘Respect Life’ group was met with applause along the entire route!