NY Laws Banning Assisted Suicide Ruled Constitutional

From Ed Mechman, Esq., Director of Public Policy for the Archdiocese of New York:

Yesterday, there was an important victory in the courts. The Appellate Division in Manhattan (our intermediate appeals court) ruled that New York’s laws against assisted suicide did not violate the NYS Constitution, and were thus valid and enforceable.

The court found that despite the advocates’ attempt to change terminology to such things as “aid in dying”, the reality is that suicide is suicide, and the law makes that perfectly plain. The court also ruled that it was perfectly reasonable for the law to distinguish between suicide and declining medical treatments.

This is a major decision. Although the suicide advocates may appeal it to our Court of Appeals, it will strengthen our arguments to legislators that this debate is all about suicide, and nothing else.

Thanks be to God for a wise court!

Daily News: Court ruling doesn’t allow doctor-assisted suicides in New York State