Legislative Session Ends in Albany: Two Abortion Bills Fail to Become Law

NY SealAbout three weeks before the current legislative session ended in Albany on June 17, two pro-abortion bills passed in the NYS Assembly. However, they were never taken up for a vote in the Senate, and, therefore, did not become law.

These were the “Boss Bill” (A.1142), a bill restricting the religious liberty of faith-based employers and A.6221, a bill related to abortion expansion.

The “Boss Bill” was sponsored by Ellen Jaffee, of the 97th AD, and co-sponsored by two other Rockland representatives, Ken Zebrowski ( 96 AD) and James Skoufis (99 AD). The bill passed in a 114-33 vote.

Karl Brabanec (98 AD) voted against this bill, which got nine fewer votes that it received last year when the Assembly also approved it.  But similar to last year, there was no vote on the matter in in the Senate.

A.6221, which would permit unlimited late-term abortion in New York state was also co-sponsored by Jaffee, Zebrowski and Skoufis. Brabanec opposed it. It passed the Assembly 95-51 in May, was referred to the Senate Health Committee in June, and did not emerge from there.

Assembly Passes Conscience-Crushing Boss Bill (New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom) 

A.6221 Glick / S.4432 Stewart-Cousins: In relation to abortion expansion (NY Catholic Conference)