Here Comes the Latest Attempt to Expand Abortion in New York

Yep, here it is — right on pg. 166 of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s  State of the State 2017 report:  Protect a Woman’s Right to Choose.

At first we were wondering what happened. Unlike Cuomo’s previous State of the State addresses where the governor thundered from the podium about his plans to aggressively expand “abortion rights” in New York, the news was oddly silent on this subject.

Instead the governor, in his regional State of the State address — delivered in several cities instead of just at Albany  — was confining himself to matters that were the proper business of the chief executive in New York: driving economic growth, infrastructure repair, higher education, and protecting citizens from cyberattack, among other things. You can agree with him or not on his signature proposals, but this is the kind of thing we’re paying him to deal with.

Yet, if you look at the written report  — and there’s 374 pages of it — there was the perennial promise to expand abortion in New York, codifying Roe v. Wade in the New York Constitution and thereby legalizing abortion in demand at any stage.

Not surprising, of course. On Jan. 4 Assembly Speaker Carl E. Heastie had already opened the new legislation session with the promise to enshrine Roe v. Wade in New York law this year. (transcript: scroll down toward near the end)

And last year, that’s what the  Assembly tried to do as one of their first orders of business in January. Rockland assembly members Ellen Jaffe, Ken Zebrowski, and Jim Skoufis all voted FOR this measure.  Karl Brabanec did not. Fortunately, the bill never came to a vote in the Senate and the session ended in June without it  becoming law.

But, the push to make abortion-on-demand at all stages of pregnancy a part of New York law will be coming up again in New York soon. We must be ready to oppose it. Stay tuned.