World Day of Peace is January 1 along with the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God

A Cry of Peace
A Prayer for the World Day of Peace

Father of Jesus

You who sent your angels to herald your Son’s coming with cries of
Hear our cry now
That your peace may touch all corners of our world.
Peace to the smallest child, still in the womb.
Peace to the most vulnerable of our elderly, who long to see your face.
Peace to the migrant fleeing war, persecution, hunger and poverty.
Peace to the citizens of those nations to which migrants flee.
Peace to the those touched by violence and disaster,
By storms and quakes and droughts and floods,
Who struggle to find safety and mercy in the very world you made for us.
You whose Son called all peacemakers blessed,
Help us forge peace in your name.
Peace among nations.
Peace among neighbors.
Peace among families.
When we look back on this time
May we recall it as the time we all heard the angels’ cry
And worked together to reveal that peace to all.
A peace worthy of God, born into the world.