“8 Lies About Abortion”

I’m sure you have noticed in the news or on social media that we’re living in some troubling times. Truth is sometimes hard to find in all the noise from the culture around us. Now more than ever we need to be empowered with the truth to save precious lives and stand strong in the pro-life movement.

We have all heard that legalized abortion is “healthcare” or a “woman’s right to choose” or even “safe” in all levels of society. These are just a few of the many lies our society perpetuates about abortion that mislead, destroy lives and damage families.

The road to a culture that truly protects women and values preborn life starts with exposing the lies and embracing the truth. That’s why we have produced an 8-part video series called “8 Lies About Abortion” that offers critical information to women and men who have been impacted by decades of misinformation. Experts including Dr. Alveda King, Abby Johnson, Candice Owens, and Lila Rose will expose the lies, reveal the truth, and, if abortion is part of your story, offer hope for healing.

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May God bless you as you take a stand for life,