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Dancing for Joy at His Love
A reflection written by a Sisters of Life
It was time for prayer, and kneeling in eager anticipation in the front pew was 7 year-old Jayla. Her mother was busy meeting with one of our Sisters and this little one had just been informed that Jesus lived with us in our chapel in the “gold box”.  She asked us, “Do you ever take Him out??” 
“Actually, yes we do,” and we were just about to begin our Holy Hour. So the Sisters asked Jayla, “We are going to take Jesus out of the gold box – do you want to come see Him?” 
She eagerly begged her mom, “Can we go see God?! Can we go see God?!” 
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DutchessNY4Life Jericho March
Wednesday, July 7th7PM
Beginning at 17 Noxon Street, Poughkeepsie
On the seventh day of the seventh month at the seventh hour of the afternoon in obedience to the Lord’s instruction to Joshua to win the battle of Jericho, we will prayerfully march around Planned Parenthood seven timespraying for the walls of the abortion industry to come tumbling down.
Extend an invitation to your pastor, church groups, family and friendsto join the Lord’s army for this peaceful, prayerful, and powerful event!!For more info, email or call Maureen at 845-853-6529
Goretti NY Feast Day Event
Friday, July 9th 6:30 PM-9:00 PM
Most Holy Redeemer Church 173 E. 3rd Street, Manhattan
Join us for 7 PM Mass with Bishop Peter J. Byrne followed by food & fellowship in the courtyard and an 8 PM talk by Christopher Brennan, JD who will be speaking about what we can do about divorce and how we can help preserve marriages. 
Email for more information

Love & Responsibility NYC
Every Tuesday until August 31st!
Next: Tuesday, June, 29th
Dr. Greg Bottaro & Marisel Rodriguez
414 East 14th St.
Love and Responsibility in NYC returns in-person with renowned speakers and musicians! This year Love & Responsibility is extended! Summer Tuesdays, from June 22 – August 31, hear from speakers on relationships and other topics relevant to men and women everywhere…. all under the stars in a gorgeous outdoor garden in the East Village at 414 East 14th St, just steps from the L train on 14th and 1st.
Bring a friend, meet new friends, and learn how to build authentic, loving relationships with Love and Responsibility in NYC! 
Click here to reserve a spot! 
Care & Prepare

End-of-Life Education
Free Video! Available now! 
Peace at the end of life begins today. Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge you need to face difficult decisions with confidence. Care & Prepare is a 30-minute educational video with essential information on Church teaching, practical guidance in navigating medical decisions, and advice on legal preparation for the end of life.
Learn… -Which legal documents to have and which to avoid-How to weigh the benefits and burdens of a treatment-What the Church teaches about pain medication, medically-assisted nutrition and more
Click here to watch the video! 
Click here to watch the 15-minute Q&A!
2021 Legislative Session Concludes in Albany
Thank you for taking action for life! The New York State Legislative Session ended on June 10th with some important victories for life. We are grateful for your prayers and advocacy! 
PHYSICIAN-ASSISTED SUICIDE: In an important pro-life victory, advocates for the legalization of physician-assisted suicide failed to get a vote on the bill in any committee in either house of the legislature. The Conference, and our allies in the NY Alliance Against Assisted Suicide, were successful in highlighting the many dangerous consequences of such a policy.
STEALTH EUTHANASIA: The Assembly Health Committee advanced a very dangerous euthanasia bill that would allow proxy decision-makers to deny ordinary food and water to patients. The bill was amended under the radar to allow for the denial not only of tube feeding, but oral feeding as well, even if the patient never requested it. Thankfully, the bill advanced no further.
PRO-LIFE PREGNANCY CENTERS: Legislation to require a biased “study” of pro-life pregnancy centers intended to intimidate and silence them advanced to the Assembly floor but did not receive any floor votes. The NYSCC alert on this issue generated more than 12,000 messages of opposition to legislators.
Click here for a summary of the 2021 session from the New York State Catholic Conference.Stop Taxpayer-Funded Abortion
Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives rejected an opportunity to vote on the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” (H.R.18) by a vote of 209 to 218. H.R.18 would apply the Hyde Amendment government-wide and permanently prohibit taxpayer subsidies for abortion and abortion coverage.
It is critically important for Catholics to send a strong message and urge Congress not to impose taxpayer-funded abortion. 
Take Action1.
1. Sign the petition at
2. Share on these educational resources on social media
3. Watch the USCCB webinar below.
Equality Act – Call Your Senators!
The Equality Act could be brought to the Senate floor at any time. Contact your Senators and urge them to oppose this harmful legislation.
Here’s how:
Step 1: Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and tell the operator the state you are from and the operator will connect you to one of your senator’s offices.
Step 2: Use the talking points below to urge your senator to oppose the Equality Act.
Sample script: “Hello, my name is ______and I live in ___________.  I urge you to oppose the Equality Act for the following reasons (use any or all of the talking points): The Equality Act would likely force taxpayers to fund elective abortions because of the way it redefines “sex” discrimination;It would likely force doctors and hospitals to perform abortions even if it’s against their conscience or beliefs;It would likely require all employers with more than 14 employees – even religious organizations – to cover abortions in their health insurance plans;It would force vulnerable girls and women in shelters or social service programs to share sleeping space, showers, and other spaces with men;Women’s prisons could be open to men who self-identify as women;It would shut down Catholic foster care and adoption agencies which have helped children in need for over a century without discrimination, just for protecting the children’s right to be in a home with a married mother and father.Click here for more information.

Prayer at Planned ParenthoodYonkers
Saturday, June 26th
Every Saturday at Noon 20 South Broadway, Yonkers
Witness for Life: Staten Island
Saturday, June 26th10:30AM-11:30AM SIUH North 
Optional 9AM Mass at St. Christopher
with a gathering in the Community Center following Mass. 
Prayer at Planned Parenthood New Rochelle
Thursday, July 1st Every Thursday, 8:30AM-Noon 
Note *New Location*:150 Lockwood Avenue
(Standing on the grass behind the back door of Planned Parenthood on Van Guilder Ave.)
Witness for Life: Manhattan Saturday, July 3rd8AM-10:30AMOld St. Patrick’s, Manhattan
Witness for Life: Brooklyn Saturday, July 10th8AM-10:30AMSt. Paul’s Church, Brooklyn
Witness for Life: Bronx Saturday, July 17th8AM-10:30AMSt. Anselm’s Church, Bronx
Witness for Life with Corazon Puro Saturday, July 17th8AM-10AMOld St. Patrick’s, Manhattan

Life Chain – Port Chester

Sunday, July 18th 2:00pm-3:30pm
Kohl’s Shopping Plaza 431 Boston Post Rd, Port Chester, NY

Cenacles of Life
The Cenacles of Life are prayer groups that pray two rosaries together each week and fast for an end to abortion and a restoration of a culture of life. Is God calling you to begin a Cenacle of Life group at your parish? 
Learn more about starting a Cenacle of Life at your parish! 

God bless you,
Respect Life Office
Sr. Virginia Joy, SV, Director

Sr. Charity, SV, Assistant

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