Great News from Albany: Denial of Treatment Bills Withdrawn

albanyThe four bills that would have seriously weakened the decision-making rights of patients and their surrogates have been withdrawn from consideration in the NYS Senate Health Committee. This legislation (S4791, S4794, S4795, S4796), introduced by Sen. Kemp Hannon (R-SD6), was strongly opposed by New York State Right to Life Committee and was the focus of their Lobby for Life Day in Albany last week, which drew over 250 protesters. New York State Right to Life thanks everyone who made calls and sent messages to their senators urging opposition of these bills. We must be vigilant and stand up against such laws as we continue to defend life from conception to natural death.


Bills to Deny Medical Treatment Introduced in New York Senate

Four bills regarding the denial of life-preserving medical treatment  have been introduced to the New York State Senate by Kemp Hannon (R-6th SD), chair of the Senate Committee on Health.

These bills would weaken the safeguards currently in place for the very ill and developmentally disabled patients.

Below you’ll find the “Opposition Memo” from the New York State Right to Life Committee, who strongly opposes these measures and has fought for years to protect from euthanasia those who can no longer make health decisions for themselves. The links will take you to the text of the bills. Continue reading