Albertus Magnus 4 Life

TIME: 5:00 a.m.
TEMP: 15 degrees
MOOD: Dedicated & Passionate

This year Washington’s “March for Life” included 52 Albertus students and 3 faculty members (Mr. Carl Locatelli, Deacon John Crapanzano and Mrs. Parisi). These students made a great sacrifice in giving over 15 hours of their day during midterm exam week. One of the most notable changes evident in the March is the increase of younger faces. What an inspiration to be surrounded by thousands of people whose presence support and celebrate the value of life. Our students represented us in an outstanding way. A special thanks to Deacon Crapanzano and Mr. Locatelli for their unbelievable support and encouragement. Mr. Locatelli gets the “purple heart” award for a fractured arm injury incurred during the March. Get well soon!!