40 Days for Life — Sept. 28 to Nov. 6

The 40 Days for Life will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 3 pm at the prayer site on Perlman Drive near the Spring Valley Planned Parenthood office.  The vigil of prayer, fasting, and peaceful activism will continue around the clock, rain or shine, for 40 days (and in the evening and throughout the night at the Eucharistic Chapel of St. Gregory Barbarigo on Cinder Road in Garnerville), ending on Nov. 6.

Rockland participants in this nationwide campaign of prayer to end abortion give one hour of their time a week for the next 40 days to come to the Planned Parenthood site to stand and pray.

Why Planned Parenthood?

Although surgical abortions are not done at the Planned Parenthood Spring Valley facility, the parent organization’s own 2009 fact sheet admits to its having performed over 300,000 abortions that year. And although PP says these abortions amount to 3 percent of the services it provides, it has been estimated that abortion nevertheless accounts for more than 34% of PP’s income.

Vigil participants gather on Perlman Drive (across the road from the Spring Valley Marketplace)  to pray that women considering abortions will have a change of heart,  to ask for God’s help and guidance was they work to build a true culture of life, and to bring the attention of community of Rockland to Planned Parenthood as a nationwide abortion provider.

Rockland Right to Life  website will follow the progress of the vigil volunteers throughout the 40 days of this autumn’s campaign.

For more information or to volunteer please call 845-492-6709.