The Rockland Respect Life's "Little One" flag, flying in remembrance of 53+ million babies lost to abortion.

On Monday, Oct. 17, the national 40 Days for Life campaign reached its midpoint — Day 20.

So far it’s been reported that during this time, 229 babies have been saved from abortion. That’s 229 that we know of. God bless all the 40 Days volunteers, those in Rockland and across the nation.

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On Saturday, Oct. 15, the America Needs Fatima campaign held a Public Square Rosary Crusade, asking for groups to gather at public sites to say the rosary for America. The Our Lady of Guadalupe Rosarians, who pray at the Spring Valley Planned Parenthood site throughout the year, brought their banner.

And throughout the week devoted volunteers continued to come to the prayer site with their message. This one says “A pregnant woman need help, not abortion.”

There are now fewer than 20 days left, but it’s not too late. If you can help with your prayers to end abortion, please call 492-6709.

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Below you’ll find an excerpt from the Oct. 19 issue of the American Life League’s e-newsletter, the “STOPP Report” about the 40 Days vigil in Rockland. For more information about the STOPP project (Stop Planned Parenthood), click here.