"The rain began to intensify as we prayed . . ."

Rain and thunderstorms did not deter the 12 pro-lifers who turned out at 3 pm on Sept. 28 to open the 40 Days for Life.

The 40 Days for Life is a 24/7 national prayer vigil to end abortion. In Rockland, it is being held from Sept. 28 through Nov. 6 on Perlman Drive in Spring Valley, near the Planned Parenthood office. In the evening, the vigil moves inside to the chapel of St. Gregory Barbarigo Church in Garnerville and continues through the night until the next morning, when it resumes again at 9 am in Spring Valley. This is the ninth 40 Days for Life held in Rockland.

This year’s program was preceded by Rabbi Noson Leiter from Torah Jews for Decency who said that we are all united in the cause of defending life. He stressed the importance of voters educating themselves to find out which candidates are attacking life and traditional family values.

Then Msgr. Robert McCabe from St. Mary of the Assumption in Haverstraw began the 40 Days with an opening prayer and, sprinkling holy water, he blessed the ground where they would stand witness. He asked God to convert the hearts of those who are actively promoting the agenda of Planned Parenthood, which is immorality and death.

And, according to an observer, “the rain began to intensify as we prayed as if our community needed to be cleansed from all that has destroyed so much innocence and goodness.”

Here is a message to you from the Rockland 40 Days for Life organizers: “The power of prayer does move mountains and close Planned Parenthood’s abortion and immoral facilities. We are praying for all those involved in promoting abortion and destruction to convert to LIFE. Love never fails, and we will love all those who support the ‘Culture of Death’ to LIFE.”

Organizing and staffing such a huge project like 40 Days is a true challenge. People are needed to pray around the clock.

Please consider joining your fellow pro-life Rocklanders at the prayer site, which is on a strip of land along Perlman Drive, right across from the Spring Valley Marketplace off Route 59. Come with a friend or ask some people from your church. If you can give one hour a week, please call 845-492-6709.

The evening and night hours of prayer are held in the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel of St. Gregory’s Church on Cinder Road in Garnerville. The chapel is where the rectory is, next to the school.  When you enter, there is a sign-in book. Please sign the hour you enter as a guest, and then write “40 Days for Life.”