40 Days for Life: Week 4 — The Signs

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To hold a sign at a rally or protest, you have to believe what it says — or you’d feel like a liar. At the 40 Days for Life, some of the signs are  beautiful, others sad, and some give warning (and it takes a lot of courage to hold them). But all together they make up the message, told in as many ways as there are people who come to give witness.

There are only about 10 days left. If you haven’t yet made a visit to pray at the 40 Days for Life prayer site on Perlman Drive, please come.

40 Days of Life for the end to abortion and closing of Planned Parenthood
Perlman Drive, Spring Valley
9 am to 5 pm thru Sunday, April 1
PLEASE TAKE ONE HOUR A WEEK — email Rachelminister@aol.com or call 845-492-6709

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