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Sunday, Jan. 27 — To the Rockland Marchers: Thank you, Father Jerry (St. Anthony’s, Nanuet), for braving the cold and witnessing in the March for Life in Washington.  For being one of the hundreds of thousands there who know the Truth and want those who shut it out to overcome what Planned Parenthood and like organizations tell them.  We know, and science has proven that life begins at conception.  Abortion is an evil.  But God always forgives the contrite, those who have had or have contributed to someone killing an unborn child.  Many potential mothers and fathers who made the wrong decision and are hurting from it can heal.  It was wonderful to see the throngs in Washington on EWTN.  Looked for you!  God bless you.  Betty Lynch, Rockland County Catholic Coalition  

Jan. 25, 8:20 pm — To the Rockland Marchers:  FEEL PROUD. We saw the Rockland banners at the Mall and again marching down Constitution Avenue. Thanks for getting up in the dark and now traveling home in the dark, all to give the unborn the chance to “see the light of day.”  Margie and Jeanmarie

4:15 — The marchers are now at the Shrine of the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. There is a gentle snow — “cleansing and purifying,” says Eileen.

3:15 — To the Rockland Marchers — God bless you Rocklanders for making the trip to Washington. So inspirational as I watch you all (500,000) on EWTN speaking up for the unborn. Praying for you at home. Thank you. Betty Lynch, Rockland Catholic Coalition.

2:30 — Starting to snow now in DC.

march 12:20 — Joanne from St. Paul’s bus: Thousands marching!

2:10 — YAY!  THERE THEY ARE!!!  The two Rockland groups with their “I ♥ Life” banners just passed before the cameras!  Go Team Rockland!

1:30 — March has begun. Approximately 500,000 in attendance, according to EWTN.

12:30 — We’re watching the rally on TV. The Rockland RTL banner spotted as the camera panned around the crowd!

11:27 — To the Rockland Marchers: Wish I could be with you on the March today, but work made it not possible. I’ll be thinking about you through the day and praying for an end to abortion. It’s a great day in Washington with all of you there.  Godspeed, Joe O’Brien

bus 2

On the St. Paul’s bus

11:18 — To the Rockland Marchers: Offered my Mass and Communion for the Cause. God bless.

On the St. Paul's Bus

On the St. Paul’s Bus

11:04 — To the Rockland Marchers:  St. John’s in Piermont are praying for the marchers and the issue. Our prayers are with them even though we cannot be there in person. Isabelle Fenton — St. John’s

10:21 — To the Rockland Marchers: Congratulations and safe traveling to all the good Rockland pro-lifers who are braving the cold today to stand up for life. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Barbara Meara, Chairman of New York State Right to Life Committee

10:09 — To the Rockland Marchers: I hope you are well and surviving the cold! Sr. Mona of Good Counsel Homes.

10:00 — To the Rockland Marchers: Sending a Big Shout Out to all you Wonderful Faith Filled Folks who are braving the elements so others may have the Right To Be Born and experience Life themselves. I must say I am feeling guilty that I am back here in Rockland in a warm house; however, I am also jealous of you who are experiencing the comradeship  of crowds who will all be walking for the cause.  How exhilarating that always was……..especially seeing the buses coming from far-away states and also the banners proclaiming LIFE and being carried by diverse groups of ages and affiliations. (Loved especially the youth groups from high schools and colleges).  Today, Margie Fitton (co-founder of Rockland RTL) and I will be watching the happenings via TV and reminising the ‘old days’.  Our HOPE and PRAYERS will be in you ALL for the future. God Bless.   Jeanmarie Grahn

8:40 — To Eileen: Have a safe trip and many prayers for life. If u see Nydia, give her my love. XXOO  MOM

Bussing for Life!

Bussing for Life!

8:30 — Joanne: Speak for those who cannot speak. We are one human family at different stages of life.

8:20 — David (from Sacred Heart bus) Nearing the rest stop in Delaware. ETA for Washington is 11 a.m.

7:50 — Eileen: St. Paul’s bus left at 6:30 after a beautiful mass offered by Fr. John Palatucci. About 25 people attended. There was coffee and cake afterwards. Washington, here we come!

7:17 — To the Rockland Marchers: A North Rockland prolifer who had planned to go but had to cancel at the last minute, wants you to know that you’re all in her prayers.

7:02 — Joanne: On the bus en route to DC. (St. Paul’s)

6:54 — Marie: On our way! (St. Paul’s bus)

6:05 — Marie: The Sacred Heart bus has left the parking lot. The sun is just rising. Temp. 11°.