Prolife Rockland Greets Planned Parenthood

Prolifers meet Planned Parenthood supporters at their fundraising benefit at Nyack Beach State Park.

Prolifer demonstrators were there when Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic supporters arrived at at Nyack Beach State Park for their 80th Anniversary Celebration.

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June 6 — It was a rainy cold day in Rockland at 6 pm, but the love that flowed forth from the power of prayer was awesome.

Nyack Beach

Nyack Beach State Park is closed to the public . . . .


. . . yet Planned Parenthood was able to hold their event there tonight.


God gave us mighty prayer support from the Sisters of Life and the lovely nuns at Marydell who gave us permission to park in their dwelling place.


We were first greeted by Don.


In order to be checked in by Don, you had to pass us.

pp arrive

You could see the cars slowing way down as they were surprised to see us in the rain praying for the protection of LIFE.


Our weapon was the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary (The Luminous, Sorrowful, and Joyful Mysteries).


The elected officials that we saw  were: Senator David Carlucci, County Legislator Harriet Cornell, and Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffe.

They saw that the truth will not nor cannot be denied.


Special thanks to Eileen, John, Betty, and Richard and all the wonderful nuns praying for us.