Remembering the Victims of Abortion

Sept. 14 — National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children

Three national prolife groups have announced the “National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children” to take place on Saturday, September 14. It is meant to honor the unborn at the grave sites where they are buried.

The Garden of Innocence at St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Haverstraw

The Garden of Innocence at St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Haverstraw

While there are no such grave sites in Rockland, there are several memorials to those who have been killed by abortion.

A service will be held at one of these sites — The Garden of Innocence — which is located on the south side of St. Mary of the Assumption Church, 46 Conklin Avenue in Haverstraw. It will begin at 5 p.m. (before the 5:30 pm Mass).

There are two other memorials in North Rockland:  at the Marian Shrine in Stony Point and at the Knights of Columbus Council 581 at 56 West Broad Street in Haverstraw.

Nationally, there are over 25 locations where babies have been buried after having been killed by abortion. Many were retrieved from trash dumpsters of abortion clinics or pathology labs where the bodies of the aborted unborn were shipped. Some graves contain hundreds of bodies.

Marian Mem2

Memorial to the Unborn at the Marian Shrine in Stony Point.

Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-life Action League, stated, “It’s sobering to realize that grave markers for the unborn victims of abortion list only a date of burial. They have no birthdays because they were never allowed to be born. We can list no date of death, because those who killed them discarded their bodies like garbage. But they are not garbage to us. They are our brothers and sisters. That’s why we buried them, and that’s why we visit their graves to mourn for them and testify to their humanity.”

If you know of other memorials to the unborn in Rockland County, please take a picture of the site and send it to phone number 201-739-4413 or email it to

We’d like to publish all photos of these memorials on this website during Respect Life Month.