Limitless Love

An unusually chilly winter reminds guest-blogger Sean Miller that the coldness of the world is no match for three friends who are filled with “limitless love.”

Guest blogger Sean Miller

Guest blogger Sean Miller

Limitless Love

The winter of 2014 will be remembered as a time of endless snowstorms and freezing cold temperatures. The Northeast was relentlessly battered with frigid weather that made even a short walk to the car feel like an eternity.

It made me wonder how the homeless handle such harsh weather all winter long.

It’s so easy to forget about them once we get inside our heated homes. But I recently overheard a remarkable conversation that showed me that one person had not forgotten about their plight.

My good friend Colleen (I’m not using real names) mentioned that she recently found out that a man she knows was homeless. To my amazement, in her next breath, she said that she had some empty bedrooms in her home, and she was going to offer him shelter as he seeks employment.

She said this without any hesitation, as she willingly and lovingly shared her joy in offering help this homeless man. Her solution to the problem was simple – and immediate. And this is the heart of the pro-life message. Love requires sacrifice, and true love does not count the cost.

Colleen was like Mary, a young woman who has made a tremendous impact in the pro-life movement.

From the very beginning, her deep commitment and enthusiasm bore fruit as she counseled couples that were seeking an abortion. Her sincerity and passion touched the hearts of many young women, who decided to keep their babies.

But she didn’t stop there. Mary stayed by their side throughout their pregnancies. She prayed with them, counseled them, and comforted them in difficult times. There were many trips to the doctors’ office, and she would translate for them when there was a language barrier.

Her love required a great deal of sacrifice, and her commitment shows us all how to love without reservation.

Another good friend, Bridget, was instrumental in convincing a young woman to keep her baby.

Bridget spent an entire day helping this young woman find a place to live and get the support that she needed. However, for Bridget this was only the beginning. She kept in close touch with her young friend for the next 6 months.

She got a stroller, diapers, a playpen and pretty much anything a new baby needs. It seemed as if she never slept because she was always on the move … ready to help.

The day the baby was born Bridget was at the hospital, making a list of more items she planned to get for this joyous mother. In fact, the young mother told me,” Bridget has been there for me every step of the way. If I need something. she is always there.”

Bridget and her inexhaustible energy exemplified her love. This was a love that knew no bounds.

Colleen, Mary, and Bridget solve the problems they find before them by simply loving. All of their stories are great witnesses to the pro-life movement.

The characteristic that personally struck me the most in all three was not the tireless work they did. It was how they answered “the call” to love without any hesitation or reservation.

There were no questions asked. Instead, they acted immediately and the action they all took was to love … to love with a limitless love.

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