One Quiet Morning

Guest blogger Sean Miller

Guest blogger Sean Miller

On almost any quiet morning — often far from our notice — there is a life and death struggle taking place in the hearts of women considering abortion. Guest blogger Sean Miller considers what our response might be.

One Quiet Morning

One quiet morning, a man walking along the street noticed smoke rising above some buildings a few blocks away. He headed toward it merely out of curiosity. But as the smoke became thicker and darker, he picked up his pace.

At the corner, he could see flames coming from a house. Was there no one else around? Had no one reported this? As the seconds ticked by, he realized that he might be the only hope for anyone who might be trapped inside.

As he approached the blaze, a piercing cry from a woman shook him to the core. It was a cry of desperation. “Please help me and my baby … please!”

The man quickly moved into action. There was no time to spare! He charged into the house whose upper stories were already engulfed with flames, and, following the cries of the baby and the coughing of the mother, made his way through the smoky hallway.

He found them on the first floor, picked up the mother clinging to her infant, and with determination and unrelenting courage, carried them to safety.

Then he helped them to the ambulance, which had just arrived at the scene, and accompanied them to the hospital where they got the medical attention they needed.

The mother was deeply grateful and thanked the gentleman for saving her life and the life of her baby. The man knew that the Lord inspired him from the beginning, as it all happened so quickly.

The above story is fictious. However, it’s a parable — meant to illustrate an important point.

A woman considering an abortion is like the mother in this story, trapped in a burning building. Usually, she feels very alone. A smoke of confusion clouds her ability to see love. All she can do is cry as the flames surround her and her baby.

She desperately needs help! The smoke that billows out of the building is a sign to all of us that there are women in great need. Although they may be only quietly crying, inside they are screaming for help.

They don’t know where to turn for support. We need to be proactive and help them. And that may require all our courage, strength, and selflessness, the same qualities needed to run into a burning building.

Sometimes the call to save a life requires us to get out of our comfort zone. And if we’re able to that, we can greet the unknown  — whatever we might encounter on “one quiet morning” — with hope and love.

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