Senate Unanimously Passes 2 of 10 WEA Measures

Albany statehouseAs expected, the New York State Senate today broke apart the 10-point Woman’s Equality Act (WEA) package and unanimously passed bills to end pregnancy discrimination in the workplace and to prevent human trafficking and provide greater protection to its victims.

The full 10-point package — which included the controversial abortion expansion plank — had no chance passing the state Senate, according to a group led by Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, a Westchester Democrat, that favored a stand-alone action on the two bills passed today.

Maureen Wren, a spokesperson for Senate Republicans, said that they support the passage of all bills included in the WEA legislation, except for the one dealing with abortion, which she called “an extreme provision allowing nondoctors to perform an abortion right up to the moment of a baby’s birth and putting the health and welfare of women at risk.”

Now both bills will be sent to the Assembly.

The Assembly has refused to consider the WEA provisions individually, and last January, it passed the full WEA agenda, which included the abortion plank. All Rockland assemblypersons, Ellen Jaffee, Jim Skoufis, and Ken Zebrowski, voted for the omnibus bill.

But now, both houses must come to an agreement before either today’s bills or the full 10-pt. WEA can become law.

Stay tuned. The legislative session ends a week from today, June 19.