Will Assembly Take Up WEA Issues Individually?

Now that the NYS Senate has passed two bills included in the Women’s Equality Act what will the Assembly do now?

Rather than hold up the whole women’s rights package over the  controversial abortion expansion measure, the Senate on Thursday extracted two provisions and passed them unanimously — ending pregnancy discrimination in the workplace and  preventing human trafficking and providing greater protection to its victims.

Now these bills have been sent to the Assembly, where some action must take place soon. The legislative session ends June 19,

The Assembly for the past two years has insisted on keeping the whole WEA intact, preferring to see the whole measure fail, rather than eliminate the abortion expansion provision.

Here’s Jon Campbell’s “Politics on the Hudson” blog with more details.

And here are the remarks of Sen. John DeFrancisco (R, C, I parts of Cayuga and Onondaga counties) against the NYS Assembly’s “all or nothing” approach, which he called “childish, dangerous, and wrong.” (2 min. video)