Bedroom Air Conditioning Comes to Good Counsel in Spring Valley

3. SV-GV Front(3)

The Good Counsel home in Spring Valley — a welcoming and comfortable home for all

The cheerful little house on Linden Ave. in Spring Valley received a big upgrade this past spring: Air conditioning upstairs! For the first time, the bedrooms of all the residents — expectant moms, new mothers and their babies, — were cool and comfortable, and quiet, now that the fans that whirred constantly to beat back the heat are gone.

This residence is one of the six  Good Counsel homes in the metropolitan area and Alabama, established to provide a loving home, supportive residential care, and community-based services for homeless young mothers who have chosen Life for their babies in the face of incredible obstacles.

6. Sample Bedroom with AC

For the first time, the moms’ and babies’ bedrooms have air conditioning, powered through an upgraded electric system

A preliminary study last year showed that, in addition to the air-conditioners themselves, this older home would require upgrades of a new electrical panel and wiring to provide the needed power. A budget of $8,000 was set. 

Fundraising began in September 2015, and the goal was reached in 5 months! Work began in April and was completed this May, just in time for the sweltering days of summer.

7. New ACs from the outside (1)

A view of the side of the house, showing an air conditioner in each window.

Through the efforts of the Spring Valley Volunteer Team and the generosity of many private donors and charitable groups in Rockland, all the young women and children at Good Counsel in Spring Valley slept well, in comfort, this summer. And a benefit of a good night’s sleep in facing the challenges of the day to come  is no small thing.

There are many other improvements that need to be made at the Spring Valley home and the others in the Good Counsel program. If you would like to help make a big change in the lives of the homeless women and their children, please make a donation to this most important cause.