Atty General’s Opinion Would Expand Late-Term Abortion in New York

In the face of several failed attempts in the NY state legislature to change state law to expand third-trimester abortions, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is going the “legal opinion” route.

Holding that the U.S. Supreme Court rulings override existing state law, Schneiderman’s opinion now gives New York hospitals and clinics legal grounding to perform late abortions when the health of the mother — not just her life — is in danger.

The “health of the mother,” as defined by the World Health Organization, is “any condition that may impact her physical, emotional, psychological, or financial well being.”

The Supreme Court adopted this definition, effectively extending abortion on demand for the full nine months of pregnancy for nearly any reason you can think of, which is why on its face “health of the mother” is simply ridiculous.  Abortion should not be committed against an unborn baby for any reason at any time. And, according to the New York State Catholic Conference, Schneiderman’s move is an invitation for late-term abortion providers to “set up shop” in New York.