Trust, a Message for Christmas

By Sean Patrick Miller, guest blogger and author of Full of Life.

mary-jesusWhy did the Lord come to us as a defenseless baby? It is so ironic, really. Here, the King of Kings, the King of the infinite allows Himself to be totally dependent on finite creatures that are full of weakness and fragility. He is placing a good deal of “trust,” in us despite our inclination to fall quite easily.

Was He sending us a message?

If the all-powerful God can place Himself in our frail hands then, perhaps in our difficulties, we can place ourselves in His forever faithful Hands. This can be true in any circumstance. Most especially, for the newly pregnant mother. This mother holds within her a most fragile human being that is reliant on her for everything. Yet, in many ways this new mother feels her own fragility as her body is constantly changing throughout her pregnancy in order to accommodate “her new little miracle.”

In this fragility, the mother sees her need to trust completely in God. She trusts that He will send good people into her life that are willing to support and assist her. All of this requires a great deal of trust.

Just as the Holy Family trusted in God sending good people to help them so, the same is true for the mothers of today. All of this requires one of the most difficult things for all of us to do…” Trust!” This is the essence of our faith. If we truly have faith then, we exercise that faith by trusting. For us, we are trusting in a God who is always faithful! The Lord trusted in us when He came down as an infant even though, we are filled with weakness and fragility. This reality can give us comfort since, trusting is still a daunting prospect.

When we trust we are giving up control, willingly, not certain what the outcome might be. Trusting is always a frightening endeavor. If we remember in Whom we are trusting in it should calm our hearts and quiet all fears.

The Lord who is calling us to trust in Him loves us beyond measure and wants only what is best for us. Knowing this can help us breathe easier as we open our arms and our hearts wider to Him.

Let us remember this Christmas that it was Jesus who first trusted in us before He asked us to trust in Him.