40 Days for Life Begins Across America

2-flagsThe spring 40 Days for Life campaign began on March 1 in 340 different locations across the U.S. and in cities in 29 foreign countries.

The 40 Days for Life is an international program of public prayer and fasting to end abortion. It’s held twice a year, during Lent and during the autumn. Since it began in 1998, 12,668 lives have been saved from abortion during 40 Days vigils,  143 abortion workers have quit, and 83 abortion clinics have closed their doors.

In Rockland County, the 40 Days for Life takes place on Perlman Drive in Spring Valley, on public property outside the Pascack Plaza mall where the Planned Parenthood Office is. Every day from now until April 9, you’ll find volunteers praying there from 9 am to 6 pm. Overnight, prayer continues at the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel of St. Gregory Barbarigo Church in Garnerville.

If you would like to join this group in peaceful, nonconfrontational prayer to end abortion, please email RachelMinister1@aol.com or call 845-492-6709.  Many people are needed to provide a 24/7 presence of prayer for 40 Days. It’s an important thing to do for Lent — praying for children lost to abortion, praying for mothers considering abortion, and praying for a change of heart for all those involved in the abortion industry. And, of course, we pray for each other, that we may respond with courage, compassion, wisdom, and generosity to all those caught up in the evil of abortion.