12 Years in 2 Minutes 45 Seconds

A lovely video as we end August. Twelve years ago, Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester embarked on the greatest work of his life: becoming a father. Here is his time-lapse documentation of his daughter Lotte from birth to 12 years.

How fast they grow!

And as Dave Andrusko noted in the National Right to Life News Today:

I wonder, what if a woman facing a crisis pregnancy were able to see in her mind’s eye a time lapse edit of her developing child—from whatever stage the baby is at the point when she may be contemplating an abortion until birth.

She would see that it really isn’t all that long and that the baby who is tiny and sort of a stranger now will soon be much larger and someone for whom she would give her life.

Our children — a miracle hidden in the early months, but enfolding from day to day.


This Is 20 Weeks

Slide1You have to see this! This Is 20 Weeks is a creative, new media campaign, a plan to marshal pro-life America to build momentum for legislation passed in Congress last spring to ban abortions after 20 weeks. It’s non-confrontational and elegant.

To find out more about it how it works and how you can be part of it, click here (and, don’t worry, they’re not asking for money. What they’d like you to share with them is your baby’s 5-month anonymous sonogram to be part of the most beautiful and moving baby album ever). The link to the actual site is here.

Calling all NY Prolife Teens — Camp Esther Weekend, Aug. 17-19

Camp Esther is open to any prolife teenager who wants to know more about getting involved and saving lives. If you want to learn how to be an effective prolife leader and meet other pro-life teens from across New York State, Camp Esther is for you.

Sessions blend education, motivation, and advocacy into a camp that is intense, powerful, and a ton of fun.

You’ll hear from many amazing, funny, and motivational speakers throughout the weekend! And… you have even more to look forward to at Camp Esther:

  • Games, movies, & popcorn
  • Activities outside on the beautiful grounds at the Good News Center, in Utica, NY
  • Meeting some of the most awesome prolife teens from across the state!

Click here to learn more.

And, through the generosity of a Rockland resident,  Rockland teens can attend for free. The $100 tuition will be paid for.

So if you’re a prolife teenager, consider Camp Esther – it’s only a weekend, but your experience there could change the rest of your life. Invite a friend who feels the way you do. If you’re an adult who knows of a prolife teenager, please tell them about this opportunity.

For more information, contact Rockland Right to Life. We’ll coordinate transportation. Call 201-732-8277 or email RocklandRTL@optonline.net. We need to know by June 30.