40 Days for Life: Week 5 — Bringing the Message

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As the 40 days have passed, we’ve seen the changing of the seasons at the prayer site on Perlman Drive. Now, it’s no longer dark at 5 o’clock and the shrubs that were bare when we began our vigil of prayer to end abortion are now covered with white blossoms.

Now there are just a few days left. How many lives were saved, how many hearts moved — these are things known only to God. But we know He hears our prayers and listens to the cry of the distressed.

And we know that the message of LIfe was seen by thousands of people who drove past the vigil site during those 40 days. Like the apostles, the faithful volunteers accepted the mission — and on the curbside near Route 59 and the Planned Parenthood building, they set out for the deep and let down their net for the catch.

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