Carvin, Lowey, Morganthaler Vie to Represent Rockland

Frank Morganthaler — “I’m Prolife”
Joe Carvin — “I’m Prochoice”
Nita Lowey — “I’m Strongly Prochoice”

The three candidates for the 17th CD clash on life issues and other matters in this “Editorial Spotlight”  webcast of an interview conducted by the Journal News editorial board on Oct. 24.

Click here to watch the Journal News Video  (Be patient. It takes time to load.)

Below you’ll find a list of topics covered in the interview. You can drag the timeline to the topics you’d like to hear the candidates discuss.

01:20 — Opening comments
07:44 — Who’s responsible for the log jam in Congress?; bipartisanship
14:23 — The economy
18:45 — Social Security and Medicare
28:25 — The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
32:02 — Creating jobs
40:00 — The Tappan Zee Bridge
46:00 — Abortion rights, Planned Parenthood funding
52:37 — Gun control; Second Amendment
51:30 — Federal minimum wage