MARCH for LIFE 2013 — We Shall Overcome! The Journey of the St. Paul’s Bus

Eileen 1Our Witness for LIFE began with a 5:30 am Mass at St. Paul’s in Congers. 25 people were in attendance as Fr. John Palitucci, of St. Paul’s, offered the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. (Our thoughts and prayers are with Fr. Palitucci, whose sister, Jeannie, passed away at 3 am, the very morning of the March.) We were welcomed to coffee and treats following the Mass.

Eileen 2Soon our bus was packed and ready to roll . . .

Eileen 3. . . with Max making sure everyone was accounted for. 

Eileen 4Our first stop was at the Delaware rest stop on Rte. 95, where we found Doug and his friend Mark from Orange County very excited about Marching for LIFE!

Eileen 5A bus parked next to us displayed these words of wisdom.

Eileen 6We arrived safely in D.C. with freezing temperatures in the 20’s. No sun but, thank
God, no wind!

Eileen 7It took us about a half hour to find our friends from the Sacred Heart bus, but we are determined people!

Eileen 8At the Rally before the March, the speakers were wonderful and the crowd listened attentively, clapping and voicing their tremendous approval.

Eileen 10Judy is from Canada and could not wait to March with her fellow prolife American sisters and brothers!

Eileen 16So many signs carried the message to DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

Eileen 12This angel, a survivor of abortion, had such a powerful message.

Eileen 13TRUE CHOICE: Young people from Human LIFE International.

Eileen 14Young people whose signs read: I AM the PRO-LIFE GENERATION.

Eileen 15There we were in their midst.

Eileen 17Many young people had came on our bus for the very first time

Eileen 18They came because over 40 years, we have aborted the equivalent of more than the current population of half the states of our country.

Eileen 19“Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use violence to get what it wants.” — Mother Teresa

Eileen 20This woman stood for hours with her banner . . .

eileen 21And so did this gentleman . . .

Eileen 22And so did these children.

Eileen 23At the Union Square Metro station after the March, we found Jim Suthard, the master of ceremonies at the Rally for Life

eileen 24The snow fell softly as we headed to the Shrine of the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. There we found this in the snow:

eileen 25Inside, we found Our Lady of Guadalupe . . .

Eileen 26. . .who protects and saves the unborn.

Eileen 27How fitting we end with two young boys bending in fervent prayer to Our Lady.